Here to challenge the status quo when it comes to space, PINO is a new breed of full service offering affordable solution and data communication over a business grade, private space.

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Why Choose Us

Choose a new kind of
full service supplier and find out
what you’ve been missing out on

They say there’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Nowhere does this carry more meaning than in today’s retailers’ industry.

PINO is here to replace the old school with something new. We’re offering the chance to step into the bright light that is the ‘here and now’ of retailers today. We can save your business or organization money on your interior costs through the value engineering, while at the same time delivering a superior service.


Because we operate our own production system, business-grade network, we are able to offer a direct resolution to your issue. No waiting, no dead ends, no red tape, no excuses – just fast and effective action from PINO is here to give your business what it needs, when it needs it. Choosing us means choosing an innovative approach to retailers. Our knowledge and experience in providing unified real-time communication services can make a huge difference to your staff, your clients and your business.