Here to challenge the status quo when it comes to space, PINO is a new breed of full service offering affordable solution and data communication over a business grade, private space.

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What We Do

We offer a cheaper, superior
and smarter alternative for your space


Each business, company or organization has its own unique individual requirements. Therefore, we start each job with an assessment.

We often talk with our clients to determine what they want to achieve from their space, whether that’s enabling a remote workforce, improving redundancy or increasing capacity. Based on the answers we get, we then come up with a tailored solution that’s the perfect fit for what they need.

We can install our own robust, business-grade circuits and connect them to existing production system or help you put together a new system utilizing innovative unified communications.

You then get to enjoy cheaper, better spacing provided by a business centric company offering the quality and stability of the old systems but with the agility and the price competitiveness of the new frontier of retailers.